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The most common places you’ll find mold and how to prevent it

The mold can be extremely dangerous for your health especially if you’re suffering from chronic lung disease like asthma or if you’re suffering from the allergies. The mold can also make you suffer from many dangerous health issues like skin, throat and eye irritation, and coughing and wheezing. The mold can appear in any part of your home and you can’t control it completely but there is one thing that you can do and that is the regular inspection.

Yes, you can regularly inspect several parts of your home to see if mold has started growing there or not. There is no need to check every single corner of the house because mold appears in some common areas. So, in today’s article, we’ll talk about those common places where mold can appear in your home so that you may regularly inspect those areas. This will help in saving a lot of time and effort.


Common Places where mold can appear

Here are the most common places where mold can appear in your home:

  • Underneath or behind refrigerators
  • Around air-conditioning units
  • Behind walls that have plumbing equipment installed in them
  • Cellars or basements that have been flooded
  • Wallboard or around windows that leak
  • Underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Under carpeting that may have become wet
  • Stack of cardboard boxes, wet newspaper or damp


These are the most common places where mold can appear in your home and if you do not pay them any attention the mold would keep growing and it would become so bigger that you won’t be able to remove it yourself. The mold does not only damage your health but it also causes a lot of damage to your home.

So, you must remove it immediately. Please keep visiting these common places after every 2-3 months to see if mold has started appearing there. Here are some tips how you can remove the mold from your home.

Mold removing products

There are plenty of mold removing products available in the stores. You can simply buy one of those products and start applying it to the mold according to the instructions. This will help in removing the mold instantly.

Household products

You may also use several household products like Vinegar, Borax, and bleach to remove the mold. There are many other household products that can be very helpful in this regard. So, you must try to use those products to remove the mold.

Hiring the professional contractors

If the mold has grown too bigger and you find it difficult to remove, then you must hire the expert contractors as they can complete the job in a professional way and they’ll completely remove the mold from your home. Click Here and see some other common places where mold can appear in your home.