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There are various types of washing machines available in India. These washing machines have their own function, which can help ensure that you have the right pick when it comes to choosing the right washing machine. Here are  certain things that one must know before they can buy a washing machine

The material of the drum

The drum can be made of many materials for different washing machines. They can come in plastic, porcelain, enamel or other stainless steel. The first two can be cheaper but finding a durable one quite difficult as plastic tubs are more durable than the enamel ones which will not chip or rust. The stainless steel is the best when it comes to withstanding the spinning speeds.

Wash settings

Machines are programmed with gentle wash fro delicate clothes and water levels which can give you a very customisable option and help you save the right settings. These can be adjusted through rotary controls and touch screens.

The spin cycle

The spin cycle for drying is measured by revolutions per minute. The higher the rpm, the better the clothes will dry. This is also dependent on the type of clothes as different material will have different spin cycles.

Fuzzy logic

This feature is the one which gives you the best washing conditions, depending on the quality. It can easily detect the weight of the laundry and then determine the amount of water, detergent and time, which is required to clean the load.

Temperature control

Many washers have in-built heaters which can help adjust the temperature of the water. This can be proven to be very useful, especially in winters. The hot water cleans your clothes better, which can help make sure that the machine has the right steam setting to help fight dirt and stains well.

Time delay and pre-soak

The time delay allows the load of the washing machine, which can help it start it later. There are many useful advantages when it comes to pre-soak facilities which can help things soak for a period of time. The water cycle starts automatically and can make sure that you can keep your load clean after a wash.

Semi-automatic and Automatic

Semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs which can be used for drying purposes while you shift your clothes. They do not need permanent water conditions and can use less water. This is also one of the cheapest options which can usually cost more. The main con is that these machines require manual intervention and can also be bigger in size and might need more space. Automatic washing machines is the most selling washing machines in India. As they are energy-efficient which is programmed to wash only once. These automatic washers are more expensive and can easily cost you a few bucks.